Recreational Property Inspection: 7 Tips for Unoccupied Cottages

Spring is here and so is the demand for recreational property inspections. In many cases the sellers have long moved on and the vacation use of their cabin or cottage has dimished over time to minimal visits, if any. Unfortunately the building condition suffers but the location and lot value maintain or increase its assessed … Read moreRecreational Property Inspection: 7 Tips for Unoccupied Cottages

Disclosure Statements for Home Buyers

I would like to see more encompassing disclosure requirements. As a minimum, the following information should be made available to a buyer: construction or renovation permits issued municipal violation notices police reports insurance claims utility bills neighbourhood crime rate neighbourhood schools rating In my opinion it is entirely unacceptable to have such lax requirements for … Read moreDisclosure Statements for Home Buyers

Home Inspection of a ‘Granny House’

I recently completed a home inspection for a client who referred to the subject property as a ‘granny house’ as it reminded her of her own grandmother’s home. I’ve see many of these properties before and they are usually reasonably priced, structurally sound, but dated. This house was no exception to that category. A granny … Read moreHome Inspection of a ‘Granny House’

Home Inspection of Solar Power System Installation

Solar systems are installed for both off-grid (totally stand alone) and net-metering (interconnected to the utility) applications. Based on EKAN Home Inspection experience, here’s a quick primer on what to look for in an installed system. For net-metering applications, be sure to locate: Locate the certificate of agreement with the utility. Identify the main disconnect … Read moreHome Inspection of Solar Power System Installation

Home Inspection – Do You Need It?

In this seller’s market, is there still a need for a home inspection? Market conditions are such that realtors are advising clients to not consider using the inspection report to re-negociate their offer. Rather, buyers are told to use the report for information purposes only. Really? As both a professional engineer and a property inspector, … Read moreHome Inspection – Do You Need It?

West Vancouver Home Inspection

Mechanical Room Clues The above photo was taken during a home inspection in West Vancouver in British Properties. It’s a photo of the floor drain in the mechanical room. The drain is located where all the copper pipes come together in the lower centre of the photo. Note all the floor staining in the vicinity … Read moreWest Vancouver Home Inspection

Keats Island Home Inspection

Owner’s Manual On a recent Keats Island home inspection, I had the opportunity to witness such a high level of co-operation between the buyer and seller, that I thought it most beneficial to share some of the insights gained.  The buyer had an agreement with the seller to come over and stay with them, as … Read moreKeats Island Home Inspection

Nelson Island Home Inspection

Mature Landscaping Considerations A Nelson Island recreational property inspection highlights three important systems that are affected by mature landscaping, that every buyer should consider. Septic systems are affected by their distance away from the root systems of trees. The further away the better. Roots are incredible in their ability to find moisture and nutrients in … Read moreNelson Island Home Inspection

Recreational Property Inspector’s Top 3 Considerations

Buyer Tips from a Recreational Property Inspector In this blog, a recreational property inspector highlights 3 considerations that every buyer should honestly ask of themselves to see if this real estate is a good fit for them. Some suggestions are also provided. Don’t buy that vacation cabin or cottage unless you can separate the facts … Read moreRecreational Property Inspector’s Top 3 Considerations